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Discover the leading tool for decoding human interactions

Stress-free communication with PCM information event

  • Join the free event and experience Process Communication Model®
  • Find out if PCM is the ICF-accredited training program you’re looking for
  • Learn to truly connect to others, build a better and positive work environment

Are you a coach, leader, manager or professional who has the desire to communicate better? Do you want to increase the success rate of your projects, create an inclusive and diverse environment, reduce stress and unleash more energy in your team or workplace? Join the event and find out if PCM is the training for you.

You will learn this in Stress-free communication with PCM information event

Would you like to experience a training, before making a final choice? Get to know Process Communication Model® (PCM) through this online information session. The trainer organizes a live session of one hour, during which you can experience part of the training and ask all of your questions.

The trainer gives you a taste of the program in an interactive way. During the session, you will complete a short exercise and reflect on your own practice situation. You will be introduced to PCM, the award-winning tool for decoding human interaction. You will experience how this tool is used to connect to others, build positive working environments and identify and leverage our differences.

The program of the information event is as follows:

  • Welcome! We will introduce ourselves briefly (2 min)
  • Explanation of content, structure and target group of the training (8 min)
  • The trainer gives you a taste of the training (45 min)
  • Time for questions and personal advice (5 min)
  • Joint closure. We look forward to seeing you!


  • You have experienced what the Process Communication Model can bring you
  • You know how to build stronger relationships within your team and organization 
  • You are motivated to decode other's behavior and communicate effectively 
  • You know if the training program matches your needs
  • You can make a powerful choice for your personal development


Our aim with this information session is to give you a taste of the training. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to a small section of PCM. We will work interactively and you are invited to participate in the various training methods.



Participation in this event is free of charge.


The trainer is certified by PCM.



The maximum group size for this event is 30 participants.

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