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Golden Rules for Coaching, the new book by Alex Verlek van Tienhoven

As a coach you are here to support your clients on their personal or professional journeys. You make a difference in a person’s life. In his new book “Golden Rules for Coaching” Alex Verlek van Tienhoven CPCC MCC invites coaches to reflect on their work and to take it to next level. To explore how you can serve your coachees even better.

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Golden Rules for Coaching

Alex newest book is on the recommended reading list by Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). In this blog Alex talks about the creation of his book and what it can bring you as a reader.

“Two years after publishing my first book, this new book was shared with the world. To celebrate 15 years in the profession. To inspire colleagues. To share knowledge.

‘Golden Rules for Coaching’ is a full expression of what I see as my ‘Big Why’.
I am an Awareness Builder who creates an Army of Positive Change. | Alex Verlek van Tienhoven

There are still so many armies in the world who keep believing throwing bullets and bombs this time will make a difference. It moves me to tears we didn’t learn anything from the countless failed attempts. Einstein taught us that trying the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, isn’t very smart…
I am on a mission to train as many ‘soldiers’ as possible to fight with different weapons. Instead of rifles and missiles, instead of aiming for destruction and harm, I believe in a 180 degrees different approach.

The soldiers I train, are coaches.
These soldiers have a unique set of ‘weapons’. Their intention is not to harm or conquer.
Coaches fight with curiosity, with respect, with a desire to grow the other whilst they encourage them to discover their own dreams and strengths.
A special weapon of a coach is silence, where they allow the relationship to come up with the next question or image. In the most ethical and pure sense of the word, a coach loves their coachees and give their utmost to call forth the growth the coachee longs for. A coach respects their coachee so much, that they even hold back their own so called brilliant ideas and thoughts yet instead, create an environment in which the coachee will discover their own way forward. Because, we’re deeply convinced the coachee has the answer in themselves!

In case you might think coaching is just about ‘butterflies, rainbows and unicorns’, I may have given you the wrong impression.
A good coach is courageous enough to pick up a fight with the coachee’s saboteurs or limiting beliefs. A good coach is willing to call out their coachee’s BS and hold up the mirror showing the hard truth.
It’s not the goal of the coach to be liked, yet to be real, honest and open. For the sake of the growth of the coachee!

  • Coaching is for well-functioning people
  • Desiring to transform from good to great
  • Consciously creating the life they really want.

Golden Rules for Coaching gives 15 Golden Rules which were harvested from 15 years of experience as a coach and the trainer and mentor for many coaches.
My mission as a coach is to positively influence the lives of 10 million people through the power of coaching and its ripple effect. For this, many well trained and inspiring colleagues are much needed!

My longing for this new book is that it inspires, trains and grows countless colleagues from good to great.”

Alex Verlek van Tienhoven

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About the author:

Alex Verlek van Tienhoven CPCC/MCC is a Master Certified Coach and a faculty member of CTI for the Co-Active Coach training and Professional Co-Active Coach Certification program in Dutch, German and English. Alex is the author of the books Awareness Builder 101’ and ‘Golden Rules for Coaching’.

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Alex Verlek van Tienhoven - 17 February 2022
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