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Proud to announce our newest collaboration with Leadership Embodiment

We are grateful that in partnership with Leadership Embodiment and Anouk Brack, we will facilitate Leadership Embodiment training programs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

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What is Leadership Embodiment?

With Leadership Embodiment you learn to recognize your own patterns and bring yourself into an optimal, centered state. It helps coaches and leaders to be truly present in the conversation and to give the most helpful response in the here and now. You become even better at embodying wisdom and compassion.

Optimal performance and collaboration from East and West

The Leadership Embodiment method combines principles from mindfulness, attention training, neuroscience, professional sport and the martial art of Aikido come together and are made very accessible..

Shift your being into a more positive and resourceful state

Our partnering Leadership Embodiment-distributor is Anouk Brack, founder of AnoukA Academy. Anouk is associate partner of Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment program and the author of Dutch leadership books, such as 'The Hidden Dimension of Leadership', which was nominated for management book of the year. 

Leadership Embodiment and Competence are on a mission together to support leaders in their authentic leadership presence. So that the mind, body, emotions and intuition can serve them well while facing challenges in today’s continuously changing world.

We are looking forward to introduce more people to this empowering program!

“You already have the skills to be an inspiring leader or coach, now it's about being able to do that under pressure and in challenging situations. Walking your talk.”
Anouk Brack | Leadership Embodiment associate partner

The Leadership Embodiment training portfolio

Leadership Embodiment (English)

Shift your being into a more positive and resourceful state

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Leadership Embodiment (English)

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Annechien Lubbers - 8 June 2022
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