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Organisation and Relationship Systems @Work

ORS@Work (CRR Global)

9.1 average rating
  • ORSC™ is a powerful tool that reshapes your approach to relationships.
  • The world’s only ICF-accredited training for relationship systems coaches.
  • All courses are conducted in English.

The ORS@Work (CRR Global - English) course benefits any professional who is interested in expanding their leadership and coaching skills. It requires at least a bachelor-level background or mental aptitude. Participants come from diverse backgrounds including organisational leaders and managers, HR, OD and L&D professionals, consultants, (Team and Agile) coaches and therapists.

Classes on location or virtual? You make the choice!

If you opt to enroll this training on location, we provide a safe learning environment. Read everything on Or do you prefer online? You will meet your trainer and the other participants in the 'virtual class'. We guarantee the same quality and results. Read all about it on

Should you have any questions, please contact us. Call +31 (0)418 682 938 or send your e-mail to We’d be happy to help you.

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ICF Certified
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You will learn this in ORS@Work (CRR Global)

The ORS@Work (CRR Global - English) course is your entry point into the ORSC™ training program. The course can be taken as a standalone workshop or followed by the ORSC™ Intermediate course. It is your introduction to the ORSC™ training program. It gives you the tools you need to apply the powerful ORSC™ methodology to your daily work as a coach or leader.

Discover how engaging with team identity can help you leverage the inherent power of working relationships. Improve your coaching and leadership skills and make a positive impact on your organisation’s culture.

The ground-breaking concepts presented in this course help you overcome setbacks that prevent your team from reaching its potential. Learn to identify and handle common challenges, such as:

  • Ineffective or toxic communication
  • Low team morale or burnout
  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution
  • Lack of creativity and productivity
  • Confusion about roles within team


After completing the ORS@Work (CRR Global - English) course, you will have the skills to:

  • Understand team dynamics more fully
  • Hold intentional and accountable conversations
  • Align individual differences to achieve better results for the collective whole


ORS@Work (CRR Global - English)

In this course, you will master the basics of the ground-breaking ORSC™ model for coaching teams, families, couples and organisations. This powerful model gives you new insights into working relationships. It enables you and your team members to thrive as never before.

The course opens you up to a cutting-edge change management model based on Systems Theory, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active® Coaching and Taoism.

In this unique leadership and coaching approach, the principles of Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself) and Social Intelligence (relationship with others) evolve to create Relationship Systems Intelligence. Learn how to leverage the collective wisdom of any group, team or system.

By completing the ORS@Work (CRR Global - English) course, you earn 12 CCEUs (ICF).



The investment is € 835,00 (excluding 21% VAT).

Do you follow the course privately or via a VAT-exempt organization (for example the government, healthcare or financial institution)? We offer you the possibility to pay no VAT over the course that you would like to register for and also over those items that are inextricably connected to this specific course. If you chose for the VAT-exempt option, the investment in your course will be € 918,50. This option can be selected on the registration form found online, or you can indicate this during your personal registration over the telephone. 

Package deal

If you register for Fundamentals and Intermediate before you start with Fundamentals, you will receive 10% discount on the total training price of the Fundamentals and Intermediate. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. The highest discount will be valid. Please contact for further details and advice.

Facility costs

You pay a total of € 175,00 (excluding VAT) for the use of the accommodation, coffee/tea and an extensive buffet lunch. If a course day is given virtually, the facility costs will be canceled.


You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your enrollment form. Please insure payment is settled within 30 days or before start of the training, at the latest.


Your trainers

The course is conducted by two members of the ORSC™ Faculty. These professionals are certified by CRR Global. They have been trained in the methods developed by ORSC™ creators Faith Fuller and Marita Fridjhon.


Training days

ORS@Work (CRR Global - English) is a two-day course. You are required to do a practical coaching session with a relationship/partnership as a homework assignment for the first evening of the course. This means coaching a relationship of your choice, consisting of at least two individuals. You may choose to coach two business partners, colleagues, siblings, friends or a couple as long as they have an existing relationship.This 45-minute appointment should be arranged prior to the start of the course. The leaders will give you more detailed information about this assignment during the first day of the course.

Since this course is based on a daily rate, you are not required to stay at the venue overnight. However, you are free to stay in the hotel. If you would like to book one or more overnight stays at the venue and/or dinners, please contact the venue directly. Schouten & Nelissen will not book your overnight stays and/or dinners.

Class ORS@Work:

  • Day 1 from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)
  • Day 2 from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)

Virtual ORS@Work: 

The ORS@Work course consists of one module. You can choose from two formats, a) four half-days or b) two consecutive full-days in one week.


The maximum group size for the training course is 30 participants.

ICF accreditation

ORSC™ is the world’s only ICF-accredited training program for learning the Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching method. 

As a CRR Global partner, Competence is the exclusive provider of the ORSC™ program in the Netherlands. CRR Global is an ICF-certifed Coach Training School and the creator of the world-renowned curriculum, ORSC™. This is the only ICF-certified systems-based training and certification program in the world. 

By completing the ORS@Work course, you qualify for 12 ICF Continuous Coaching Education Units (CCEUs).

About ICF®

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), established in 1995, is the worldwide leader dedicated to advancement of the coaching profession through specifying high standards, providing independent certification and developing a global network of credentialed coaches.


At the end of the ORS@Work training, you will receive a certificate which shows that you participated in a 12-hour coach training. This certificate gives access to the ORSC™ Intermediate course, the next level of the ORSC™ curriculum. The ICF has stipulated that you cannot miss more than one hour of an ICF-accredited course.

Request incompany trainingsadvice

Are several colleagues facing the same challenge? Then 'incompany' is the ideal option. This course or training can also be organized within your organization. We then adapt the exercises and examples to the practical situation in your organization.

Benefits of Incompany

  • Efficient - You bring the knowledge and competences of entire teams to a higher level in one go.
  • High efficiency - The specific learning objectives and wishes of your colleagues are central.
  • Assurance - We use current practical situations for optimal assurance of learning goals.
  • Always - You decide when we organize the course or training.
  • Everywhere - We organize the course or training wherever you want. Inside or outside your organization.

Start now with ORS@Work (CRR Global)

Choose your date and location

Friday 8 April 2022 Fri 8 April 2022
MUNICH (EN) | 30 seats available
Class days & times
  • Friday 8 April 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Saturday 9 April 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Holiday Inn Munchen - Unterhaching
  • Inselkammerstrasse 7 -9
Friday 29 April 2022 Fri 29 April 2022
VIRTUAL CLASS (EN) | 21 seats available
Class days & times
  • Friday 29 April 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Saturday 30 April 202209:30 - 17:30
Friday 20 May 2022 Fri 20 May 2022
AMSTERDAM (EN) | 28 seats available
Class days & times
  • Friday 20 May 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Saturday 21 May 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre Amsterdam
  • Paul van Vlissingenstraat 8
Friday 17 June 2022 Fri 17 June 2022
GENEVA (EN) | 30 seats available
Class days & times
  • Friday 17 June 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Saturday 18 June 202209:30 - 17:30
  • Novotel Geneve Centre
  • Rue de Zurich 19
Friday 30 September 2022 Fri 30 September 2022
VIRTUAL CLASS (EN) | 21 seats available
Class days & times
  • Friday 30 September 202209:00 - 17:30
  • Saturday 1 October 202209:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 6 December 2022 Tue 6 December 2022
VIRTUAL CLASS (EN) | 21 seats available
Class days & times
  • Tuesday 6 December 202209:00 - 13:00
  • Wednesday 7 December 202209:00 - 13:00
  • Thursday 8 December 202209:00 - 13:00
  • Friday 9 December 202209:00 - 13:00

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