We are Competence.

We are Competence, and we deliver first-rate international accredited training programs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We offer virtual and in-person courses. 

Proud license partner
Competence is proud to be an exclusive license partner of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), CRR Global, creator of Relationship Systems Intelligence and a license partner for PCM. Our portfolio consists of ICF accredited coaching training programs;

Want to become a (better) professional certified Coach? 


Learn more about Co-Active, ORSC and PCM below

Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (CTI)

The ICF-accredited Co-Active® Coach Training program

Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (CTI)

Collega's Kijken Samen Op Telefoon

ORSC Fundamentals (CRR Global)

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching

ORSC Fundamentals (CRR Global)


Process Communication Model - Core topics (PCM)

Build better relationships within your team and organization

Process Communication Model - Core topics (PCM)

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Meet our outstanding faculty

At Competence we only work with outstanding faculty, who are all certified and trained with CTI, CRR Global and/or PCM. Our faculty is based all around the world. We are known for being able to deliver unparalleled quality, at scale, in Europe. 

What unites our team and our faculty is our passion for the work we do, we want to deliver first-rate training and the best learning experience for our participants! 

Learn more about the programs that we offer:

"Experiental learning is the most effective method of adult learning."
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