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Here at Competence, we're all about blending professional development with personal growth because we truly believe that's the key to making individuals, teams, and organizations rock solid. That same belief extends to a personal approach: warm, committed and involved. Our team strives to achieve the best possible quality and service.  

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We are proud of our portfolio, consisting of ICF and LPI accredited training programs. You can book the programs through open enrollment and incompany training. 

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Inhouse Training

Are you looking to foster team growth and collaborative learning within your organization? Do you envision your entire team benefiting from training together?

Look no further – Competence is here to assist you in fortifying your team and organization through our comprehensive in-house ICF accredited training programs. We leverage our extensive global network of trainers specializing in leadership, coaching, and communication to provide you with unparalleled in-house training experiences.

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In House Training

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Do you want to contribute to Competence's mission? Be one of our colleagues? Check if we are having vacancies on our career page.

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Proud partner of CTI, CRR Global, Leadership Embodiment and Relevance

At Competence we deliver first-rate international accredited training programs in partnership with CTI, CRR Global, Leadership Embodiment and Relevance in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Sweden. Our clients consists of a wide variety of organizations and professionals worldwide. 

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9.1 (2500 reviews)
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