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ORSC | Certification Program

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  • Credibility in the ever-more-demanding professional field of coaching.
  • Membership in an elite community of uniquely qualified practitioners sharing experiences from the field.
  • Eligibillity to apply for faculty positions at CRR Global.

Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

The ORSC Certification Program

Take your ORSC training to its logical conclusion by becoming a world class relationship systems specialist through enrollment in ORSC Certification. This unique, comprehensive, eight-month program with extensive practice, online study and supervision, is designed to produce the best ORSC practitioners in the world. The ORSC Certification process evolves students of ORSC material from practitioners to masters.

Certification Process

The ORSC Certification consists of two semesters (four months each, with a three-week break) of practice, online study, and extensive supervision. Some components of the program include:

Skill Drill Calls. 90-minute calls during which you will study an ORSC skill or tool in-depth and then apply in practice coaching sessions.

17 Hours of Supervision. The program places a premium on supervision with five hours of Group Supervision (learning from each others’ coaching recordings), six hours of live Team Coaching Supervision (using scenario) and six hours of Individual (one-to-one) Supervision.

Colleague Calls. Frequent triads with your fellow students to discuss the material and create community.

World Work Project. The world work project allows you to apply the ORSC materials in the real world and develop yourself as a change agent. The project can be as modest or ambitious as you choose.

100 Hours of Coaching. Students have a year to complete their hours and the practice requirement supports you crossing the edge to become a successful ORSC practitioner.

Three-Day Residential Training in group processes with your entire cohort.


Practice Development. Over the course of the program you will learn how to confidently talk about ORSC coaching, enroll clients and charge what you are worth.

Mastery as an ORSC Certified Coach. The Program creates proficiency and skill in consistently using the ORSC tools and skills with clients.

Personal Growth. Emotional and social intelligence is a natural side effect of continuing ORSC study. Deepen the powerful personal growth you began during the courses.

Credentialing. Upon successful completion you will receive the ORSCC Credential. This will make you one of the elite graduates of the only ICF accredited Relationship Systems Coaching Program in the world, offering your practice a considerable marketing edge.

World Work. Practically apply your learning with your World Work Project. The World Work Project invites you to directly apply the ORSC model to an area in your personal or professional life where you passionately desire change to come about. Use the project to help you create programs, open niches, or improve your personal relationships.

ICF Accredited Coaching Certification

Those who complete the ORSC Certification program earn the credential ORSCC and 99.5 CCEUs.

Curious to learn more about the ORSC Certification program?

Certification is organized by CRR Global. For more information about the program, prices and registration, please reach out to the CRR Global head office.

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