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Master the relevant skills for now and future jobs

Power skills in a fast changing environment

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Today’s fast changing environment calls for managers and employees to master the relevant skills for now and future jobs.

The Relevance Core Programs cover of a powerful portfolio of essential 21st century skills that enable creativity, empathy and flexibility. We call them Core behaviors, because they are the core of vital and agile employees and at the core of any thriving organization.
When you develop your skills you can grow and lead in your role, which leads to more effective processes, more creativity, better relationships in the workplace and breakthrough business results. 

Master your skills:

  • Managing change
  • Leadership
  • Power skills

Our model

Our model shows our learning programs with essential knowledge and skills, divided into three pillars: Leadership, Power skills and Managing change. 

For leaders and professionals we designed 20 Core Programs, which are blended learning journeys.  

Relevance Learning


Managing change

In the world of today, change is crucial. To keep up with the changing market, your organization needs to adapt continuously. We understand the saying: “Staying the same, means going backwards”. 
Our method is simple. Together, we define a vision. Next, we choose an approach and design the journey accordingly. Then, we create capabilities: we help your leaders of change to increase their leadership effectiveness. From there, they implement their capabilities in the flow of work, while continuing to learn. Finally, it’s key to sustain the realized change and continue to learn. We always recognize and celebrate the progress and achieved success. 


Effective leadership is something everyone within and around your organization benefits from. Today, organizations need to adapt to and, ideally, be ahead of the constantly changing market. 

This raises high expectations from executives and managers: they need to continuously transform the organization in response to the rapidly changing market and support their employees to achieve high performance along with workplace happiness.  

Research shows that by balancing these factors, leaders create a climate which accelerates development and its effectiveness. This is achieved through inspirational and connected leadership, which ensures that the company DNA is embodied in everyone involved within the organization.  

However, before leaders can enable value in others, it is crucial they focus on their personal development first. That’s where Relevance Core Programs come into play. 

Power skills

In every field of employment and phase in life, we collaborate. Alone, nobody reaches their full potential. That’s why improving your power skills is key. 

No matter how experienced you are in your hard skills, the technical abilities, you need personal, emotional, social and intellectual skills to convey your knowledge. These indispensable competencies are called power skills.  

Our power skills development programs help in overcoming (business) challenges in a fast, blended and effective way. These dynamic programs focus on talent development and mastering skills for the future. Every skill supports the core of your organization, each in their own way. Power skills vary from learning to solve complex problems, be more efficient, have fun in networking, deal with stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

About Relevance

Relevance accelerates learning on a global scale in the areas of leadership, power skills, and change management. The combination of technology and people produces personal, adaptive and social blended learning experiences. 

Relevance is a Schouten & Nelissen brand, and has encouraged people to continue developing themselves for more than 40 years. In today’s dynamic world, it's crucial to adapt. Relevance has more than 300 colleagues who support their clients and a network of 700+ strategically located trainers and coaches. To date, Relevance has served the needs of more than 5,000 organizations worldwide.  

Relevance and Competence
 both focus on empowering people to develop their strengths alongside with identifying and improving their weaknesses. We strive to impact their lives. 

Gold accredited learning provider by LPI

Relevance has earned this badge, issued by the Learning and Performance Institute, for its commitment to high quality process improvement in the provision of learning, development and training services to clients.



Relevance partners with CrossKnowledge, a well-known supplier of online learning. Creating the Core program portfolio, we combined CrossKnowledge’s learning objects with our proven classroom/ virtual training courses, thus creating blended learning journeys combing the best of two worlds.  

Blended programs have great impact because they create more reflection, more inspiration and also address the different ways in which participants learn better than just through classroom or online programs. 

The CrossKnowledge content was created in close collaboration with top level professors and experts from business schools such as MIT, INSEAD and Harvard. The online learning activities in the Core programs are available 24/7 on desktop and mobile devices. 

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