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Hybrid working, who knows what works and what doesn’t?

Man Schrijft Op Glas

Nowadays everyone is talking about hybrid working, we all have our opinion ready and know what’s best. But the truth is that no one actually knows what works and what doesn’t. So we experiment and then we implement what works best.

Design together

Important for employers is to design together what hybrid working should look like. From my own experience as a team leader, hybrid working is challenging and only works when you are conscious and intentional about it. You need to listen to all the voices in the organization to make sure everyone feels heard. Then you design together a plan which helps to build a strong foundation for future cooperation, remote and in the physical space.

Implement this instrument

And how do you make sure all the voices are heard, without spending hours and hours of interviewing people? I can offer you an instrument that helps this process.

You put people in a room, live or virtual. You select the topic of hybrid working and put this in the middle of the room. You ask people to give their opinion about the topic and select 4 or 5 different opinions/voices. Next you ask people to take position on the opinion that feels most true/comfortable to them and hear from each position what their experience is. Then you ask which opinion seems most different from what they think and have them take position there. Ask them to speak from that position, to imagine what that opinion feels like and what truth it holds. Then facilitate a discussion between the different positions, to hear what lives in the group and what matter to them.

Learn from and with the system

Speaking from another voice, one that is unfamiliar or even uncomfortable, will bring new information. This can lead to renewed energy and actions. Make sure to harvest the new information and put it into motion.

Good luck with trying it out and I am curious to hear what it will bring your team or organization, when deciding about this or any other topic.

With love,
Annetje Suorsa

About the author: Annetje Suorsa is an ORSC trained Team- and Leadership Coach & Trainer. She is also a board member of the Dutch ORSC alumni community OOPN. Check out her website or LinkedIn page if you want to learn more about how Annetje implements the ORSC model in her work with teams and organizations.

Annetje Suorsa - Team and Leadership Coach - 12 July 2021
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