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9/7/2021 | Competence

Testimonial | Nathalie on Co-Active Coaching

Nathalie On Co Active

“My name is Nathalie. I work as a Relationship Manager and as a Co-Active Coach in corporations but also coaching private clients.”

How do you apply Co-Active in your daily life?

“In everything I do. If I see how I interact with my partner, how I interact with my children, that has all changed a lot. So it’s not only that I apply to it professionally but also in my personal life. It plays a big role. How I raise my children. How I have interaction with people.”

What within this training made the biggest impact?

“One of the biggest impacts was the three levels of listening. People hardly ever listen anymore. That is such a useful tool. You learn those three levels of listening; where and how you listen to someone. Instead of thinking of your answer or about what’s next. Dance in that moment, be in that moment. That can have a huge impact.

Another big one, is that people are already whole and have all the answers in them. As a coach you just need to guide them along. I think that is such a powerful realization to guide them, but that your clients are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole. They are complete.”

Which part of the training appealed to you the most?

“The part that I struggled with the most. I was always really good in the doing part. Being in this rat race. The ‘Being part’, which is the ‘Co’ part of Co-Active, that is what is really learned*. You can only make resonant choices and go into action, if you really explore your Being. From that, you can make powerful choices and take resonant action.”

Would you recommend this training?

“I would recommend the Co-Active training. What appealed to me is that it is not about listening to lectures and reading lots of books. It is experiential learning. Not only learning with your head, but also learning with your body and with your heart. I really felt confident that I could immediately apply it.

For me it was also very important that the training is ICF accredited. It is one of the most renowned Coach Training courses. If that is what you are looking for, I would definitely recommend it.”

Nathalie Sloos

* The ‘Co’ in Co-Active means Being. When the Co and the Active go together, the action of our life is nourishing and fulfilling. Read more in the blogs about what Co-Active stands for.

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