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Relationship matters: Neuroscience & Relationship

Collega's In Gesprek Tablet

In this episode, Katie Churchman talks with Floyd Carlson about Neuroscience and Relationships. This is the first of 2 installments on neuroscience and what it can teach us about our relationships. In Part 1 we’re talking about how neuroscience can help us to better understand ourselves because the more we are aware of what’s going on within us, the more it’s going to help us as coaches, leaders and human beings. We discuss a variety of topics including how to regulate in the moment, types of intuition, the body budget, how we create our emotions through a process of prediction and how to disrupt our prediction patterns so that we can be more at choice in our lives.

Floyd Carlson is a Front of the Room Leader for CRR Global who focuses on leaders, teams and bringing the best out of individuals based on company and individual objectives. Floyd has more than 30 years of business and military experience which he combines with his coaching, training, and organizational development to help leaders achieve professional and personal goals in alignment with company needs.


For over 18 years, CRR Global has accompanied leaders, teams, and practitioners on their journey to build stronger relationships by focusing on the relationship itself, not only the individuals occupying it. This leads to a community of changemakers around the world. Supported by a global network of Faculty and Partners, we connect, inspire, and equip change agents to shift systems, one relationship at a time

We believe Relationship Matters, from humanity to nature, to the larger whole.

Originally posted on CRR Global

Floyd Carlson & Katie Churchman - 21 April 2022
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