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9.1 (2.625 reviews)

Co-Active Leadership

The most impactful leadership program in the industry. Internationally accredited.
  • Everything on the 5 dimensions of the Co-Active Leadershiop Model
  • Step into different dimensions of leadership
  • For everyone, because we are all leaders

Today’s leaders need to be agile, collaborative, and most importantly relationship-focused—able to connect with, engage, and empower others. Building relationship competency within an organization requires a commitment to personal and professional development. Employers who support professional development see significant benefits, including increased employee job satisfaction, engagement and productivity.  

Our course is a distinctive leadership development program that transcends conventional training. Rooted in the belief that leadership is not just a skill set but a journey of self-discovery, this program empowers you to become an authentic, impactful leader.

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“I walked away from the CLE training with more than just a profound understanding of psychological safety. It brought me a deep sense of responsibility, a renewed commitment to fostering safe spaces where teams can not only grow and connect, but truly flourish. The path of leadership and coaching is not just about navigating challenges, it's about enabling others to do so fearlessly, confidently and authentically."

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Leadership Experience

During the Co-Active Leadership Experience, you will spend time immersed in experiential learning, exploring different dimensions of leadership. This exploration of different leadership styles provides a structure that empowers you to become more effective as a leader.

Co-Active Leadership Experience

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Find out more during one our online information events. Get all your questions answered in an hour on Co-Active Leadership!

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What others think

2.625 participants rate us with a 9.1!
Leadership Experience
9.1 / 10

“This is one of the best standalone leadership courses... It develops you personally and professionally, and you leave with a model of the dimension to apply, so you can be intentional in the course of life.” 

Angela Trainor
Leadership Experience
10.0 / 10

"I would really recommend it to people working in leadership positions. This coach training really gives you a good foundation and also a lot of valuable experiences to offer to your team."

Caroline Lippers
Caroline Lippers Co-Active and Culture Mastery Coach
Leadership Experience
9.9 / 10

"I walked away from the CLE training with more than just a deep understanding of psychological safety. It gave me a deep sense of responsibility, a renewed commitment to creating safe spaces where teams can not only grow and connect, but truly thrive."

Charmian Tardieu
Charmian Tardieu Founder and Managing Director at MilesFurther
Leadership Experience
9.4 / 10

"This experience gave me clarity on the multifaceted nature of leadership, highlighting the importance of continuous self-improvement and awareness."

Shoneli Chhabra Corporate Coach

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Internationally accredited

Co-Active Training Institute

The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) is the largest professional coach and leadership training organization in the world. CTI has trained more than 145.000 coaches, leaders and professionals, including employees in more than a third of Fortune 100 companies. CTI believes everyone is continually moving on a journey of transformation. 

Competence Training Institute is proud to be the exclusive partner of CTI to offer this program in multiple European countries.

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

CTI was the very first coach training organization to be accredited by the ICF. Each of our core courses is accredited and our full program is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

Completion earns the following ICF in-class contact hours: Co-Active Fundamentals 18.75 hours; Fulfillment 21.50 hours; Balance, Process and Synergy each earn 21.25 hours. The Certification Program earns 92 hours.

9.1 (2.625 reviews)
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