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6/10/2024 | Competence

A unique combination to make your organization future-ready

Get to know our new partner: A conversation between Camiel Gielkens, CEO of Schouten & Nelissen parent company of Relevance and Marieke Schouten, Director of Competence.

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With AI becoming integral to organizations, we must rethink how we organize and train the employees leading this charge. Competence and Relevance, both part of Schouten & Nelissen, offer complementary products aimed at fostering holistic growth within organizations.

Competence specializes in immersive coaching and leadership development programs like the Co-Active Leadership Experience, which helps participants explore and adapt their leadership styles through experiential learning and continuous engagement. Relevance provides tailored, scientifically-based in-house training programs with state-of-the-art talent programs focused on enhancing team collaboration and leadership skills. Their approach ensures a measurable impact, creating a seamless learning journey that equips employees with the necessary skills to navigate and anticipate change effectively, fostering a resilient and adaptable workforce.

We sat down with Camiel Gielkens, CEO of Schouten & Nelissen and Marieke Schouten, Director of Competence, to discuss their approaches to Change Management, Leadership, and Power Skills, and how their collaboration can yield comprehensive learning programs in your organization. 

Anticipate Change

Camiel Gielkens shared that at Relevance, “Change Management is about guiding organizations through transformations smoothly. We focus on engaging employees at all levels to foster a culture that anticipates change.” Relevance specializes in delivering tailored in-house training programs that address specific organizational needs, making the change process more relevant and impactful.

Marieke Schouten of Competence added, “We offer programs like Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) which equip teams with the skills to handle change effectively. By understanding team dynamics and the emotional aspects of change, we help organizations implement change in a way that is both sustainable and supportive.” She also noted that effective coaching is crucial to navigating these transitions, emphasizing the complementary nature of Competence’s coaching expertise and Relevance’s tailored training programs.

Leadership creates momentum

When discussing leadership development, Marieke Schouten highlighted, “the Leadership Experience immerses participants in the five dimensions of the Co-Active Leadership Model, helping them understand and adapt their leadership styles to various situations. Between training days, participants engage in regular calls and assignments, ensuring continuous growth and practical application of their skills”

Camiel Gielkens emphasized the seamless connection of competence’s leadership experience within Relevance incompany offering: “Within organizations, we emphasize practical, experiential learning. Our leadership programs are designed to be immersive and interactive and above all based on real- world cases, ensuring that leaders not only learn the necessary skills but also practice them in real-world scenarios and feel comfortable with the many stakeholders they manage, Competence’s Leadership Experience program offers unique and essential tools for today’s leaders to anticipate what’s coming. This method helps in solidifying these skills, making them second nature to the leaders we train.” Combining these approaches ensures that leaders are not only skilled but also possess the emotional intelligence and resilience needed to lead effectively.

Focus on skills that actually help you get the job done!

Power Skills, often referred to as soft skills, are critical in today’s workplace. Camiel Gielkens explained, “These include communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and adaptability. At Relevance, we incorporate Power Skills into all our training programs because we believe they are fundamental to effective leadership and successful change management.”

Marieke Schouten concurred, stating, “At Competence, we focus on developing these skills through our various coaching and training programs. For instance, our Co-Active Coaching courses emphasize active listening, empathy, and powerful questioning techniques. These skills are essential for leaders to connect with their teams and navigate the complexities of change.” By integrating Power Skills training from Competence with Relevance’s leadership programs, organizations can ensure their leaders are well-rounded and equipped to handle any challenge.

A complete package to nurture a future-ready organization

Both leaders see significant overlap in their approaches and believe in the power of collaboration. Marieke Schouten suggested, “By integrating our strengths, we provide a unique proposition to our customers for a holistic development package. Combining Relevance’s in-house customized training with our specialized coaching programs can provide a seamless learning experience. This integration ensures that employees not only learn new skills but also apply them effectively in their work.'' 

Camiel Gielkens added, “Collaboration allows us to leverage the best of both worlds. We create joint programs where participants start with Competence’s foundational coaching and leadership skills to develop their Power Skills and then move on to Relevance’s experiential leadership training. This would provide a continuous learning journey, reinforcing and expanding their capabilities over time.”

Impact on Individuals and Organizations

The collaborative approach aims to empower individuals and create resilient, adaptable workforces. Camiel Gielkens hopes to “empower individuals to become more effective leaders and change agents within their organizations. By equipping them with the skills and confidence they need, we believe they will be better equipped to handle the challenges of today’s dynamic work environment.”

Marieke Schouten echoed this sentiment, stating, “Our goal is to create resilient and adaptable workforces. By focusing on holistic development, we can help individuals and organizations survive and thrive amid constant change.”

Four decades of excellence, elevate your skills!

Find out here how you can combine the strengths of Relevance and Competence in Change Management, Leadership and Power Skills to make your organization ready to anticipate the future. 

Schouten & Nelissen, founded in 1980 by Jan Schouten, is an international organization specializing in professional development and personal growth. With over 40 years of experience, Schouten & Nelissen focuses on enhancing hard and soft skills through coaching, training, and education programs. The company operates under 11 different brands, each catering to specific aspects of personal and organizational development, such as leadership training, coaching, and online learning platforms.

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