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3/5/2021 | Competence

Testimonial | Frank on ORSC

Frank On ORSC

ORSC is a perfect fit for teams in change, organizations dealing with social issues and coaches who want to better understand the dynamics between people. We can learn anywhere these days, no matter where we are. Thanks to the virtual classrooms offered by CRR Global and Competence. This offers perspective, love and hope for the mutual connection between people. As human beings, we cannot live without it!

The valuable knowledge about systems

For a long time, I had the desire to work with teams as a coach or trainer. Through a course on team dynamics that I followed at Schouten & Nelissen, I heard about Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. My curiosity was aroused. I wanted to be able to apply this valuable knowledge about systems in my work. 

It's not about who to blame

When I started with ORSC, my ability to empathize with others and my knowledge of myself was well-developed. What I had not considered until then was the 3rd Entity. Me - you - the relationship. Because I got to know the concept of 3rd Entity, I soon noticed that I didn't have to worry so much about all those 'I's' in a team and even less about the question of guilt that you often encounter in teams. The project is not going. And whose fault is this?'

The bigger picture of a system and the work of Organization and Relationship Systems fascinated me to such an extent that very quickly I was toying with the thought, "Imagine if I could do this work with teams and couples..." My employer gave me this opportunity and I immediately started working with teams on this. In my conversations with the outside world, in my coach practice Wiewel Coaching and in other settings, ORSC was suddenly central to everything.

Suitable tools for any situation or organization

No matter what is going on in a team or within the dynamics of a couple, the ORSC tools and knowledge can always be used for this. Together with a colleague, I worked to give Systemic Relationships and the work of Systemic Coaching more attention within our teams and organization. I also had the opportunity to bring this forward extensively within education with a fellow student. 

ORSC is about being aware of dynamics in relationships. When you have leaders or coaches pulling together with a group, you are right there as that 3rd entity.

That's what's so great during the training too, the faculty member work as pairs. It doesn't matter what combination of faculty is providing the training, they are always in sync. To progress further, it is so important to have a good mutual relationship.

Testimonial Frank Wiewel on ORSC
Foto credits: Frank Wiewel - Wiewel Coaching

From the individual to the greater whole

Thanks to ORSC, my focus within a system (a team or an organization) on the individual has become less important to me. The insights from ORSC also allow me to experience and visualize much more equality in teams. Even when there is a strong hierarchy within an organization. Ultimately, the entire team is the boss, people hold roles, but leaders are not the ones who are just the boss.

The ORSC knowledge and skills have also brought me a lot as a person. I can relax better and deal with conflict differently. These days it's not about winning and losing in a conflict. It's about the relationship and going in the same direction. Thanks to ORSC, you learn to work together very consciously. That is the success factor within a team. If you anchor the collaboration well, you can see so many more opportunities together and achieve better results.

Highly recommended for people who want to improve their relationship with others and build a strong team.

The principle 'The team has the answers; 'relationships systems are naturally intelligent, generative and creative' has meant for me that I connect better with the team and can bring out the strengths of the team more strongly. Which results in agility.

Frank Wiewel, ORSC Coach and Facilitator of Teams and Couples

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