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1/3/2022 | Competence

Testimonial | Jessica on Co-Active Coaching

Jessica On Co Active

“Happy to be here. Thanks for having me. I’m Jessica Löwenhielm. I’m Swedish and I’m a Co-Active Coach, a CPCC. Coaching is my greatest asset to show up and contribute in this world, on my mission to co-create a more loving world.

I coach people one-to-one, also do leadership development courses and group coaching. I’m all about evoking transformation and bringing about greater awareness, uplift consciousness, and support people, groups and organizations in that.”

How do you apply Co-Active in your daily life?

“In the ways I truly do believe and share our grounding principle that people are naturally, creative, resourceful and whole. I am, you are, we all are. I think I try to live my life, both professionally and in all my life with that principle.”

What within this training made the biggest impact?

“When I started my training it profoundly helped me in my transformational and personal journey. My Co-Active training helped me to understand my values. Finding my purpose. Understanding different parts of me. That I am, I like to call it “I’m a fluid self. We all are fluid selves.” How we behave, who we are and how we show up depends. On situations, who we are with, what rules we play with and being in that moment.

It would say it opened up so many more and new perspectives of me of looking at myself, others and the world. And with that increased awareness of more perspectives. Of more lenses to look at. And all of that has increased my consciousness which has evoked my own transformation.

I often meet a lot of people who are interested in coaching, many are afraid: “It might be scary.” “How will I feel?” All of those things. We are a little bit afraid to open up to coaching sometimes.

To me, I’m struck when I’m thinking of the Co-Active model and how the emphasis on Fulfillment and Balance is unique. We make it easy to open up in a way.”

Which part of the training appealed to you the most?

“I had so much fun. When I did the Fundamentals and the whole core curriculum. Those six months where we had our training in different modules. Those beautiful colleagues of mine that I was in training with, some of them are still my best friends. I do work with a few of them as well. We have this tribe where we meet, we take care of each other, where we co-create.

When I think back, it was a really fun and expansive period in my life. When I continued with the CPCC certification it was great. I really had to dig down and be able to be with the model and my own coaching at looking at my clients at a much deeper level to integrate all the learning and expand it.”

Would you recommend this training?

“I am constantly recommending this training to others. In fact actually when I started to consider coaching and when I considered which coach training to choose myself, I called a couple of my coaches that I met through my own experience as a leader experience and leadership training at so forth. The majority of them all recommended Co-Active. Even though when they were not Co-Active coaches. That intrigued me. They said, they worked with Co-Active coaches and it was a whole different level. It is the most profound coach training I’ve come across.”

Jessica Löwenhielm

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