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6/15/2021 | Competence

Testimonial | Marianne on ORSC & Co-Active Coaching

Marianne On ORSC En Co Active

"I really recommend the Co-Active Coaching and the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) training programs for anyone who has a deep desire to grow themselves. Specifically for managers who want to work on their own development or who want to grow the people in their teams or organization.

The Co-Active tools ‘values’, ‘life purpose’, ‘leader within’ are very valuable if you want to discover your (or your team members) personal compass. And the ORSC tool 'Landswork' is very powerful to use in teams in order to empathize with the other and to better understand each other. What can you make and create together? I also often do the appreciation loop in a team session to empower a growth in positivity: “What do you appreciate in the other person? And what do you appreciate in each other?”

The start of my coach training

Until 2013 I was employed. After a reorganization, the moment came to re-examine what I wanted to do with my career. A friend of mine who was self-employed and was really excited about the Co-Active and ORSC training programs. She helped me by asking powerful questions about my next steps in terms of work. It made me think in a different way, and my curiosity was aroused! I wanted to know more about these trainings.

Conversations with impact

I could not have predicted beforehand that the conversations with my friend would have such an impact on my life. I made a flying start as an Independent project manager and registered for Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals. I wanted to know, understand and be able to apply more of this powerful methodology. Besides my project and program management assignments, I expanded towards Coaching. In 2017, I made a conscious decision to focus entirely on coaching and training only because this is what makes me incredibly happy. This was the best decision! It is so wonderful to see a penny drop in a client, which leads to a conscious choice and taking action.

If only I had known it sooner.

The Co-Active Model is tremendously powerful in its application. In the Co-Active courses I learned so much about myself. It was an exciting experience, way outside my comfort zone, and that's where the magic happens. Inspiring and so cool!

There was a desire to learn more about Co-Active. A logical next step for me was the Co-Active Leadership program. Time went on and my company Aprezo expanded. I was eager to expand my knowledge about coaching. That's why I started the ORSC training program in 2016. After this training I had this feeling: "If only I had been introduced to these wonderful programs earlier!"

The added value of Co-Active and ORSC

For me, the strength of both programs is that you get to understand what happens in teams, between people, in groups and in organizations. Plus you learn how to apply it in your work to implement change, in the teams and within people. 

I use Co-Active for both teams and individuals. Getting to know the values of a person or a team, gives so many interesting insights and provides added value in making choices. And I use certain ORSC methods not only for teams, but also for individual coaching.

Coaching is an art

Coaching is not a trick. It is an art. Experimenting, succeeding, failing, reflecting and growing are not only applicable to our clients. This applies just as much to us as coaches. That's why I'm also in a few peer review groups and do continuous continuing education. Learning never stops.

Working with and on the growth of people, individuals and groups.

Growing in awareness, in personal leadership and bringing about moments in which the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. That is what gives me so much energy! Providing a safe environment in which someone can come out of his/her comfort zone and grow and learn to appreciate himself/herself and others again. This is the resonance of this work.

Human development as a topic

The Co-Active and ORSC programs are highly recommended for both internal and external coaches, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a certified coach. For anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and expertise about human development, these programs are actually a must. And I certainly hope to meet you there, in the alumni communities!”

Marianne van Oosterhout - Harmsen CPCC, PCC - Coach & Trainer

*Photo credits: Stefanie Uit den Boogaard Fotografie

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