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9/6/2021 | Competence

Systems Inspired Leadership

A book by Marita Fridjhon and Frank Uit de Weerd 

Systems Inspired Leadership

Today’s 21st Century leaders face tremendous pressure in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world, where traditional leadership models have become obsolete. To transform and transcend these challenges a new type of leadership is essential. Get ready to lead like never before, with the learnings of Systems Inspired Leadership.  

In their new book “Systems Inspired Leadership,” Frank Uit de Weerd and Marita Fridjhon have created a resource to support leaders as they tap into the collective wisdom of teams and systems.   

What is Systems Inspired Leadership?

Systems Inspired Leadership offers a powerful alternative for innovative leaders. Instead of an outmoded and ineffective top-down, leader-knows-all style that results in stress, pressure, and anxiety, Systems Inspired Leadership offers a fresh, proven approach for achieving optimal results for your organization. 
This approach helps to overcome barriers and open doors to growth and innovation by tapping the collective wisdom of the organization. Instead of trying to force solutions that lack context or alignment, Systems Inspired Leadership creates an environment where answers emerge naturally by leveraging the synergistic power of the system. 
With meaningful collaboration at its core, Systems Inspired Leadership inspires everyone to learn new ways of being, taking action, and developing conscious, intentional relationships resulting in improved job engagement, greater sense of belonging, and personal growth. 

How is Systems Inspired Leadership different than traditional approaches? 

Frank and Marita explain:

“We contrast Systems Inspired Leadership with what's called top-down leadership - the assumption that the leader knows all. The world has become too Volatile Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) for one person to have all of the answers. You need to tap the wisdom and experience of everyone. While one person may be the leader in title, leadership is never accomplished in isolation. Leadership is a role. At any moment, any one of us may step into it.”

The evolution of the book 

Frank Uit de Weerd, an organizational psychologist, first approached Marita, CRR Global’s co-founder, in December 2018 with the idea of creating a guide for leaders which would incorporate the principles behind the ICF-accredited Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) training program. Team coaches and leaders have been using these concepts for over two decades to support transformational change. 

About the authors 

Frank Uit de Weerd is an organizational psychologist and executive/team/systems coach with extensive experience in leadership development, business innovation and cultural transformation. Frank is faculty member for CRR Global and facilitates ORSC programs for Competence.  

Marita Fridjhon is co-owner and CEO of CRR Global and mentor to an ever-growing community of practitioners in the field of Relationship Systems work. She designs curriculum and operates training programs in Relationship Systems Work for coaches, executives and teams.   

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