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4/20/2023 | Competence

"With Co-Active, you truly bring out the best in other people"

Alex Verlek on coaching

International Coaching Week (ICW) is a global celebration of coaching: the profession with the power and potential to transform lives. It is essentially a week dedicated to recognizing the power of coaching in empowering individuals to realize their true personal and professional goals. This year’s theme for the event is "Explore Your Potential," which serves as a reminder of each individual’s ability to unlock their potential both personally and professionally.

Alongside raising awareness, the weeklong celebrations present an opportunity to bring renowned coaches to the forefront, with a view to honor their dedication towards helping others transform their lives. One such master-certified coach worthy of mention is Alex Verlek. Having impacted over tens of thousands of people globally, Alex has been committed to identifying others' strengths and goals and guiding them closer to realizing their potential.

From HR to coaching: A journey brimming with fulfillment and potential

My early professional stint in HR instilled a love for coaching in me. Working with people day in and out helped me realize that human beings have the potential to do more and to be more - and I could assist them in becoming the best versions of themselves.

I have always believed that people should not just work to meet deadlines; they should work so there is always a smile on their faces. As my HR job involved making others' lives more fulfilling, I figured my leadership style matched that of a coach. I enjoyed helping people feel positively challenged so they could tap into themselves and get the best out of any situation they were tasked with.

With that, the idea of coaching began feeling special to me; I realized that this profession was not just about making a difference to others but about creating a positive ripple effect on society. And, since 2007, it has become my way of life.

Coaching fuels me to jump out of bed every morning - and my goal is to help others feel the same way!

Coaching isn't just about telling people what to do; it's about helping people discover how to "be”.

My endgame as a coach is to help others find their raison d'être, their reason to be.

The difference between good coaches and great coaches lies in the certification. Coaches who undertake a certification program bring insurmountable value to the table. Getting certified allows a coach to grasp the tools and skills that differentiate them from a consultant. In fact, that’s why even companies and large enterprises prefer to work with certified and accredited coaches due to their unmatched professionalism.

Taking ownership: The value of the Co-Active model

If you find yourself drawn to helping others realize their potential, consider handing the reins to the training program from Co-Active, as it can be a game-changer. I can vouch for this.

Co-Active has formed a significant component of my career and daily life. One of the reasons I recommend it is because the model has the profound ability to educate others on how to help people grow from "good" to "great."

From the fundamentals course to intermediate and advanced levels, the Co-Active model provides the necessary tools to closely examine coaching principles and discover the momentum to practice the learnings regularly.

Their model enables course participants to dive deep and find an authentic style that works for them and their mentees as they bring the model to life. You learn how to help others undergo a positive transformation and help them ask the right questions so their learnings become life-long. The value addition is tremendous, and one of the primary reasons for coaches to be attracted to taking up the model is its distinguishing factor of flexibility. The model encourages participants to understand the rules of the coaching game in a quest to find innovative ways to bring it to life.

Coaching is like breathing; the art of perfecting it never stops

When it comes to coaching, clarity is everything - whether internally to yourself or externally to your client. So, as you help others explore their true self with coaching, here are some handy tips from Alex, the Co-Active expert:

I urge colleagues and students to believe that the coaching process is never complete, even after receiving the certification. Instead, one needs to keep the practice ongoing to realize their fullest potential, so one can inspire others to do the same.

You should continuously sharpen your skills, read more, and explore different coaching styles to become great at this profession. Do what it takes - record your sessions, listen back to them, or ask colleagues how to help you uncover your blind spots best. Another suggestion is to sign up for improv classes. When you make the coaching process creative and playful, it really pays off for yourself and for your client.

Coaching helps people become the heroes of their own stories; think of a coach much like a guiding GPS on life’s journey. From helping clients become increasingly self-aware and creating positive impact to improving personal and professional performance, this is a beautiful profession that has the power to positively impact others’ well-being, lives, success, and happiness - as well as your own.

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