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What is systems coaching and how to practice it!
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  • What is systems coaching?
  • What does a systemic coach do?
  • How do you become a systems coach?

What is Systems coaching?

Systems coaching (or systemic coaching) looks at the systems individuals are part of, such as families, teams or organizations. Instead of isolating individual problems, it understands that they often stem from broader systemic dynamics.

What is the purpose of systems coaching?

The goal of systemic coaching is both understanding and facilitating change. It helps individuals and groups gain deeper insights into the causes of problems and achieve positive transformations. There is a focus on loyalties within systems, especially in family dynamics, and it encourages awareness of these loyalties.

This approach recognizes and values diversity of perspectives within a system, contributing to a healthier dynamic. Overall, systemic coaching is applicable in various contexts, such as personal coaching, team development, leadership growth, and organizational development. It assists individuals and groups in understanding their place and influence within the larger system, fostering more effective and sustainable changes.

What does a systemic coach do?

A systemic coach looks at how people work together and discovers what keeps happening. They want to make things better by talking to people, coming up with solutions and making sure everyone is participating. The goal is for everyone to understand what is going on and grow together so that individuals, teams or organizations do well.

How do you become a systems coach?

Organizaltion and Relationshop Systems Coaching (ORSC) training programs give coaches access to professional training with the possibility of a certification program that has met stringent experience and education requirements. After becoming an ORSC coach, you not only demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies, but also that you adhere to strict ethical guidelines to protect the people you coach.

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