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11/27/2023 | Competence

The 5 dimensions of leadership according to Co-Active

The 5 Dimensions Of Leadership According To Co Active

Leadership has evolved beyond traditional hierarchies and roles. It is no longer limited to those at the top. Everyone is a leader. Everyone impacts themselves, each other and our environment. This is also emphasized in the Co-Active Leadership Model. In this article, we explore the five dimensions of leadership from this model. Understanding and mastering these dimensions will make you more agile and effective as leaders. 

What is leadership?  

In the Co-Active Leadership model, the term "leadership" goes beyond the traditional way of looking at authority and direction. Instead, it sees "leadership" as something we can all put to use in our daily work and personal lives. This makes you aware of what influence you have on your environment and how you can use that influence in a positive way.  

The 5 dimensions of leadership  

According to the model of Co-Active leadership, leadership is not a standard concept. It is an approach that introduces five ways of leadership. Each dimension offers a unique perspective on leadership and emphasizes self-awareness, connection, empowerment, partnership and innovation, respectively. Let's explore these five dimensions of leadership.

dimensions of leadership

First Dimension: Leader Within   

Leader Within is the core of the model. This dimension revolves around self-acceptance and self-authority, creating a sense of empowerment. Leaders within this dimension work with integrity and align their actions with personal values. The Co-Active approach emphasizes embracing all aspects of oneself, even those aspects that are challenging to acknowledge.  

Second dimension: Leader in Front  

The Leader in Front strikes a balance between connection and direction. Leaders in this dimension inspire their team members by connecting themselves more firmly with them and providing them with a clear vision. This approach is accompanied by empathy, compassion and authenticity, creating an authentic and genuine leadership style.  

Third dimension: Leader Behind  

Leader Behind is about servant leadership. Those in this dimension are committed to empowering and coaching others and recognize in the other person their intrinsic qualities. Basic skills are deep listening and asking powerful questions. By coaching, you help individuals find their own answers and encourage them to be their best.  

Fourth dimension: Leader Beside  

The Leader Beside builds deep connections and partnerships with peers. By giving each other space to open yourself up, you empower each other to leverage each other's strengths and create remarkable synergy that transcends individual abilities. Characteristically, this partnership revolves around a shared vision and intention.  

Fifth dimension: Leader in the Field  

Leader in the Field uses intuition and innovation. Slowing down and expanding your sensory perception allows you to access your imagination, intuition and insight. Your intuition can be a source of meaningful information that complements rational thinking. This enables you to make powerful decisions that can lead to greater effectiveness, creativity and innovation.   

The potential of the 5 dimensions of leadership  

If we are to overcome the enormous challenges of our time, we must learn how to collaborate in new ways. To do so, we must leverage the diverse talent and capabilities of the people around us. An organization or community is most dynamic, vibrant and productive when there is a sense of commitment and responsibility at every level. Moreover, our sense of personal power and fulfillment is greatest when we experience involvement and ownership for what happens to us and around us.  

Co-Active Leadership emphasizes that everyone is a leader, in their own unique way and regardless of their role or title. Moreover, everyone has the potential to develop in each of the five dimensions of leadership in order to get more out of themselves. 

The Co-Active Leadership Experience course

The Co-Active Leadership Experience Training is the way to master the 5 dimensions of leadership. In this practical course you will be fully immersed in the five dimensions. This will equip you with in-depth knowledge, expanded skills and new awareness. After this course you will be better able to develop your own unique and effective leadership style. Read more on the Return on Investment of the Co-Active Leadership Experience.

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